C.F. & Nancy Tao Foundation

Established in 2020, we are a family foundation with a focus on supporting youth, elderly and vulnerable communities, and mitigating the environmental issues that affect them, through scholarship programmes and funding innovative, impactful or transformative projects. We aim to build compassion and harmony amongst different generations and in our communities.

Our Work

1. Engage in charities, projects or social enterprises that serve the underprivileged, discriminated or at-risk sectors of society
2. Focus on HKSAR, Mainland China, Singapore and South-East Asia
3. Prioritise the areas of youth, elderly and vulnerable communities, and environmental issues that affect them
4. Encourage innovative, impactful or transformative outcomes

1. 支持為處於弱勢,受歧視或處於危險中的社群服務的慈善項目或社會企業
2. 專注於香港特別行政區,中國大陸,新加坡和東南亞等地區
3. 優先考慮青年,老年人和弱勢社區的領域以及影響他們的環境問題
4. 鼓勵創新,有影響力或具變革性的成果

Contact Us

Room 2309, Fortis Tower,
77-79 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai
Hong Kong

Tel: (852) 2520-1620